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If you are submitting a new business enquiry you will be contacted by our partner team Travel Risk Professionals.


All questions must be answered in full.

1.Full Name(s) of Company(ies).

2.Full Address including Post Code.

Telephone Number:

3.Is the above address a

Private Dwelling
Office establishment

4.Website details

5.Business Description

6.Date business established

/ /

7.Date Insurance to commence

/ /

Note: This proposal is based on there being one location, if there are multiple locations to be insured please contact us

Property Damage, Money and Business Interruption – the levels of cover provided under this policy are as stated below, should you require a variation from these please contact Tour Indemnity

8. Contents including Documents and Business Books
9. Tenants Improvements (not Buildings) £
10. Computer Equipment including records - breakdown cover for Increased Cost only included £
Laptop Computers anywhere in the UK £
11. Money in safe £
12. Money in Transit/Bank Night Safe £
13. Are the premises Alarmed?
Yes No
If ‘YES’, are they please provide alarm/signalling type

14. Other security features

15. Are the premises in an area at risk of flood?
Yes No
If ‘YES’, please give details

Business Interruption – we provide Increased Cost of Working as standard per Policy Summary but if you require cover for Gross Revenue protection or a higher limit under Increased Costs please contact us.

Increased Cost of Working
Book Debts £

Employers Liability – cover is provided for £10,000,000 Limit of Indemnity as standard

As of April 2011 due to the requirements of the Employers Liability Tracing Office, the Employer Reference Number (ERN) must be supplied for the insured and all subsidiary companies, cover cannot be effected without this number

Employer Reference Number (s)

16. Do your employees undertake holiday
location reviews away from Business Premises ?
Yes No
If ‘YES’, please state
Wageroll (other activities)
How many employees Work Away

Public & Products Liability – standard limit provided for £2,000,000


17. Have you had any claims/accidents/incidents notified in the last 5 years for covers which are being requested hereon?
Yes No

If ‘YES’, please provide full details below

Is it Settled or Outstanding?
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/ /
/ /

Statement of Fact

Terms will be based on the information provided and therefore we require the Statement of Fact to be completed before a quotation can be released .You must declare that You (the Proposer) accept and comply, where applicable, with the following facts.

Have you or any partner, director or family member involved in the Business

a) ever been convicted of or charged (but not yet tried) with a criminal offence other than a motoring offence or ‘spent’ conviction as allowed for under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974
Yes No
b) ever been declared bankrupt, insolvent or disqualified from being a director of a company which went into liquidation, receivership or administration
Yes No
c) had any previous insurance proposals declined/special terms imposed or renewal refused or cancelled?
Yes No

Please confirm if the following apply and where the answer is NO please discuss with your broker or provide details in the Additional Information box provided at the end of this form.

d) The business premises are fit for the purpose of the Business, in good state of repair, regularly maintained and of standard construction ie. Brick, Concrete, Stone, Slate or Tile or other non-combustible materials
Yes No
e) Where applicable you have an up to date Health & Safety policy and have completed and documented risk assessments as required by law
Yes No
f) The business is UK domiciled
Yes No
g) All business activities are of a non-manual nature
Yes No

Minimum Standards of Security Condition Precedent

This clause applies to the Property Damage Insurance and Business Interruption Insurance and Money Insurance sections of this Policy.

It is a condition precedent to any liability of the Company in respect of Damage by Theft under:

  1. Property Damage Cover 8 A)i) - entry to or exit from that part of the Building occupied by the Policyholder for the purpose of the Business by forcible and violent means,
  2. Money Item 1 B) – Money in the Policyholders Premises out of Working Hours,


that the Policyholder shall have implemented the following security measures within 8 weeks of inception of the Period of Insurance  
The final exit door of the Business Premises must be secured with one of the following
1)  for timber or steel framed doors a mortice deadlock which has 5 or more levers and/or conforms to British Standard BS3621,
2)  for aluminium or UPVC framed doors a cylinder operated mortice deadlock or deadlocking multi-point locking system with a minimum of three locking points,
3)  irrespective of the door construction a close shackle padlock with a minimum shackle thickness of 10mm together with the manufacturers corresponding locking bar.

B)  All external doors and all internal doors giving access to any part of the building not occupied by the Policyholder for the purpose of the Business must be secured with either:

  1. any of the locking arrangements specified in A) above according to the construction of the doors,

2)   two key operated security bolts for doors fitted internally one fitted near the top and the other near the bottom of the door.

C)  Where any of the doors described in A) or B) above are of double leaf construction:
1)  the first closing leaf must be secured with two key operated security bolts fitted internally, and shooting vertically one at the top and the other at the bottom of the door,
2)  the final closing leaf must be secured with either:
i) any of the locking arrangements specified in A) above according to the construction of the doors,
ii)two key operated security bolts fitted internally and shooting vertically one at the top and the other at the bottom of the door.

  1. All ground floor and basement opening windows/skylights and readily accessible opening windows/skylights on other floors must be secured with either key operated locking devices or other locking devices which rely upon a removable component for their security.


Readily accessible windows are those that can be reached from the ground without the use of a ladder or via extension balconies downpipes external staircases and fire escapes canopies outbuildings garages walls nearby trees or roofs adjoining or next door premises.

This requirement does not apply to windows/skylights which are protected by solid steel bars grilles locked gates shutters expanded metal or weld mesh.   

Any door or window designated as a fire exit following a fire risk assessment is excluded from these requirements.  Fire exit doors and windows must be secured whenever the Business Premises are unoccupied by means of a device suitable for use in emergency escape situations.


For the purpose of this condition Business Premises shall mean that part of the Premises occupied by the Policyholder for the purposes of the Business described in the Schedule.

Any Additional Information / Material Facts

Before your Commercial Combined policy takes effect you have a duty to make a fair presentation of the risks to be insured under your Commercial Combined policy.
A fair presentation of the risk is one:

  • which:
    • discloses to the Insurer every material circumstance which the policyholder know of or ought to know of; or
    • gives the Insurer sufficient information to put the Insurer on notice that we will need to make further enquiries for the purpose of revealing those material circumstances, which makes that disclosure referred to above in a manner which is reasonably clear and accessible to the Insurer; and in which every material representation as to a matter of fact is substantially correct, and every material representation as to a matter of expectation or belief is made in good faith.

A material circumstance is one that would influence the Insurer’s decision as to whether or not to agree to insure the policyholder and, if so, the terms of that insurance. If you are in any doubt as to whether a circumstance is material you should disclose it to the Insurer.

A copy of the proposal should be retained by you for your own records.


Please give the details of the person who you wish to receive our quotation.

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I /We declare that :

Every statement and particular contained within this proposal form:

  • which is a statement of fact, is substantially correct, and
  • which is matter of expectation or belief, is made in good faith.

If any such facts, expectations and/or beliefs materially change before your Commercial Combined policy takes effect I/we undertake to provide details of all such changes to the Insurer in order to comply with my/our obligation to provide a fair presentation of the risk to be insured under your Commercial Combined policy.

Full Name.

Financial or Trade Sanctions

Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance plc is unable to provide insurance in circumstances where to do so would be in breach of any financial or trade sanctions imposed by the United Nations or any government, governmental or judicial body or regulatory agency.

Data Protection

RSA will treat your personal information fairly and lawfully in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

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