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Tour Operator and Travel Agents Computer Insurance from Cyber Risks etc

Businesses have become heavily reliant on both their computer and telephone networks and their connectivity to the Internet. The creation of automated real time business processes has enabled significant improvement in productivity in the travel industry but this growing dependency, however, brings growing risk.

Despite investment in new security technologies, system failures resulting from unplanned outage due to, for example, human error or computer hacking, still occur. Costs resulting from these incidents, instead of being covered by insurance, are generally being absorbed by firm’s budgets.

Organisations that depend increasingly on outsourcing part or all of their technology are particularly vulnerable to losses. Responsibility for protecting the network cannot be outsourced, consumer backlash, negative publicity, class action suits and diminished investor confidence are likely to occur when network security is compromised.

This policy provides coverage for IT assets such as computer and networked systems, telecommunications and corporate data held on company premises or by outsourced business partners.

Below is a summary of core covers:-

• Loss of revenue following unplanned system outage
• Replacing, restoring, or recollecting data that has been corrupted or destroyed by network failure
• Criminal threat to release sensitive information or bring down the network unless demands are met
• Loss of income and extra expenses resulting when the network is interrupted by attack, criminal hackers, malicious insiders, and denial-of-service attacks, including extortion monies
• Public relations expenses
• Disaster recovery activation costs
• Fines and penalties
• Use of rented / leased external equipment
• The use of third party services
• Additional staff expenditure / overtime payments

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